programming is terriblelessons learned from a life wasted

A bad programmer talks about bad programming

Slides (PDF)Keynote FileDraft Script — For the impatient, It kicks off ~2mins in.

I had the joy of attending EMF2012, an outdoor festival of tech, design and play. It’s not every festival you go to that has immaculate wireless, high speed internet, a power grid, clean toilets, or for that matter a barista, a blacksmith, and a bar under a motorway—but strange and wonderful things happen when you have a critical mass of enthusiasm.

I’d like to thank Jonty and Russ and the rest of the EMF crew and attendees for an awesome weekend. There were good parts and the not-so good parts, or in other words—I gave a talk.

Entitled “Programming is terrible—lessons learned from a life wasted”, the name and content might be a little familiar to those who have read this tumblr, but even avid viewers may find something in it I haven’t recycled yet.

The feedback engaged me—As a result of sharing my ideas and troubles, I got to encounter new ideas, support and criticism, which in turn encouraged my narcissistic quest to publish to a larger audience—i.e this tumblr.